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02-02-2011, 10:53 AM
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Expert: Edge Anderson Silva
André Pederneiras

“Both are black belts. Anderson proved on his last fight he’s pretty good, applied a great submission... Being beaten up like that on the first round and managing to submit the guy that way..."

"It’s not that Vitor ain’t good, but Vitor has decided most of his fights standing, and I believe he has been dedicated himself to the trade of punches more, and Anderson has intensified his ground game.”

Muay Thai Expert: Edge Anderson Silva
Artur Mariano

“When it comes to Muay Thai, without no doubts, Anderson is better. Vitor is much talented while standing, but Anderson Silva’s technique is much more complete: the clinch part, the bang..."

"Vitor is a good Muay Thai fighter, but Anderson is better."

Conditioning Expert: Even
Rafael Alejarra

“I think Anderson has great conditioning ... I have friends who had the chance to work with Vitor and they’ve told me he’s an explosive guy ... He was a rocket when he was 19 and he grew up very fast."

"Anderson’s conditioning has been tougher than Vitor, but I think it’ll be interesting. The first and second rounds match Vitor’s muscle explosion. As the fight gets longer, the advantage changes sides”

Boxing Expert: Edge Vitor Belfort
Cláudio Coelho

“Anderson’s boxing is not Professional but it sure ain’t amateur."

"He’s a guy who knows how to bang, but he has a way of punching that can be bad even for a boxer. He uses his boxing skills along with others, he kicks, he keeps his distance because of his long arms."

"Because of the fact Vitor is left-handed, it’ll obligates Anderson not to play with him. He can play with any other guy and let go his guard, but he can’t do such thing with a left-handed and have tight and adjusted coups.”

Wrestling Expert: Even
Beto Leitão

“For having more knowledges and for being more explosive, I believe Vitor has many advantages on his attack ... But Anderson has many factors in favor of his defense, like the fact he’s taller and has a good posture and long arms. He does a great sprawl, he can defend his legs with his arms ... Vitor will try the takedown, but Anderson will defend himself. I doubt that Anderson can take Vitor down”

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