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02-02-2011, 11:08 AM
Afghanistan born fighter Siyar Bahadurzad recently had colorful words to share about Scott Coker and Strikeforce. He called Scott Coker a "pig f-----", matchmaker Rich Chou a "f---", and generally suggested that Strikeforce officials "roll up my contract and stick it up ur a--es." Bahadurzad said he signed a contract to fight for Strikeforce in April of 2010, and has yet to be offered a fight with the organization. He said repeated attempts to contact Strikeforce about the situation have been ignored.

Ariel Helwani then sought comment from Scott Coker

Ariel Helwani: ďWanted to get your take on a situation thatís been brewing with a fighter by the name of Siyar Baha. Heís been saying something things about Strikeforce, now saying that the reason he hasnít fought for Strikeforce is because heís of Afghani descent. How do you respond to this?Ē

Scott Coker: ďThatís comical. I mean the reality was that .. I still don't know (that) his visa has been finished yet. It has been a little tougher because, you know, the country and everything to try to get a visa but I donít think the visa has been completed, so once he gets through his process of getting his visa together then you know weíre have another conversation with him but itís silly to say itís based on this or that. I mean, the reality is, youíre a Golden Glory fighter, he should act like a Golden Glory fighter and, you know, get your paperwork done, get what you got to do, and then weíll put you in the cage and test you out. But in the mean time, you know, talking the way he did, it just was very silly to me.

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