View Full Version : I'm going on the cruise!

02-03-2011, 04:07 PM
Thought I would introduce myself since some of you will see me on the cruise in July. My name is John Soares and I started training BJJ in 1997. But then stopped due to financial obligations. Now, of course, I wish I could go back and continue where I had left off. I hadn't trained for a long while then got interested again. And got very interested in 10th Planet and Eddie. Last October I took a private with Denny Prokopos and plan to again when I can. I live in a very small town in Northern California and work sometimes 6 days a week so getting to SF is kind of a chore. So I think the cruise is a great idea to jump back in to the jiu-jitsu pool (or I guess ocean). Just hoping that everyone will take pity on me since I'm really just a beginner. I can't wait to train with everybody.
Also, I'm a drummer and will be trying to push my band's CD. Just a warning.