View Full Version : 1 Down 2 To Go

Conner MACHINE Gibbons
02-05-2011, 12:14 PM
Big couple weeks for fighters at my school JIU JITSU NATION.

My boy Marques won last night in Atlantic City.

My pal Billy THE KID Garrett fights tonight in Penn. He and I, are mma training partners and tight. I look to him like an older brother, I would say big brother but I outweigh him by 10 pounds and I'm 3 inch's taller.LOL. He had a pretty hard weight cut, so I'm sending him the best. He is main event and will text me as soon as it's over to let me know how it went. Will let everyone know, when I know.

Last but not least, my coach Marc Stevens. He fights next Saturday in Rutherford N.J. for Strike Force. It will be on the Fedor undercard . He is fighting John Cholish, King Of The Cage Champion. He is a student of John Danaher . Remember he is one of GSP's Jiu Jitsu coach's from TUF season 12. You know the dude with the fannypack. Should be a great match. Tune in next Saturday 10 pm Showtime. It's a heavyweight tourny, Stevens fight not to be aired unless one of heavy weight fights ends early. You would think thats gotta happen for at least 1 fight. If does coach's fight makes it to air. I plan on being there live for it anyways.lol.