View Full Version : VIDEO: My finals match at Rumble in the Redwoods

Harry Evans
02-09-2011, 11:16 AM
Any comments would be really appreciated. I'll explain why it was a weird fight below.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBEnVHeM6d4 (Don't know how to embed)

I was pretty sick, and my stomach felt weird all day. I knew I was going to gas quick, because my heart kept fluttering all morning. You can kinda tell I gas around 2:20 on his back, and then way worse around 4:00 (so I just shoot deep half by about 4:20 to survive.) I know I missed the homer simpson sweep at the end, I was just too tired.

The sweep I hit at first is my gym's "little chair" sweep that I mentioned (and poorly described) in other posts. You can't see it, but my far arm underhooks the ankle of the far leg, and then my triangled legs swing the other way so his knee bends all the way out.

Final thing to note: when we reset, he accidentally hit me in the face, a lot harder than it looks. My guard opened a little from being stunned. The ref didn't say a damn word, but my opponent stopped, checked if I was alright, and shifted back to where he was without me saying a word. Mad respect for competitors with honor, and I said as much to his coach afterward.