View Full Version : Did my First Tournament today !

Kent Bartley
10-08-2011, 06:29 PM
Team Quest in gresham did a members only in house tournament,I am a member, but have only trained jits at 10th planet portland under Salami. so i decided to give it a go, im 7 months in, so i did the adult beginners class.
Fist match, I won by electric chair,
Second i lost to Kimura
third, I won by rear naked choke,
Forth, lost to Kimura AGAIN!

then we did some exhibition matches to kill time between the next class, So i ended up facing the guy who came in second in my class, he was dominating on top, I got mounted alot, but i kept at my foot work and getting out, and i ended up finishing with a japanese neck tie ! so that made my day !

so not too bad for my first i think, 3 wins in all, and 2 loss