00:01:40 Renato Laranja sexually assaulted at gas station

00:02:31 Marvin Castelle 10p HQ Brown belt

00:05:37 Jackie Chan Leg lock drill

00:08:21 Rubber Guard options 

00:17:54 Rubber Guard Drill

00:21:33 Rey DL 10p HQ Brown belt NAGA 2016

00:24:33 Lynn Vuong 10p HQ Purple belt

00:27:04 Rubber Guard Switching the Angle

00:36:27 Carlos Guyton 10p HQ Blue belt

00:39:50 JM Holland & Grace Gundrum Leg Drag Combos

00:40:36 Warmups H Day Swamp Walking

00:44:54 Zizu Yantra 10p Purple belt 2016

00:45:47 Omoplata Flying Escape

00:46:20 Thor 10p Bethlehem

00:47:20 Ultimate Side Control

00:50:56 Wild Beast Control

01:07:51 Lila Smadja Highlight Reel

01:11:11 Wild Beast Control Details 

01:20:26 Erik “Compella” Cruz 10p Black belt Highlight

01:24:37 Wild Beast Control Drills

01:28:05 Compella “Honey Hole”

01:31:32 Wild Beast Control Details 

MTS 120 “2 Ton Truck”

00:01:43 Lauri Karpinnen 10p Tempere Moon Head competition 00:03:16 Warm Ups G2 – Top Half Passes 00:04:36 Warm Ups G3 – Top Half Passes 00:09:32 Darce Last Resort Escape 00:10:25 Lauri Karpinnen 10p Tempere Moon Head 00:15:28 Buttock Compressor & Options 00:23:58 Uke Carlos Guyton 10p HQ Purple Belt 00:23:58 Imanari & Jackie Chan 00:33:43 […]

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MTS 119: Next Level Twister

Next Level Twister

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MTS 118: 2 Things in Mexico

Mexico City Seminar

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MTS 117: DeSev Revisited

Dan Severn

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MTS 115: The New C4

Warmups C4

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MTS 114: Tentacle

warmups D, fishnet, truck, leg locks

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MTS 113: Camp Cucuy

Big Bear, Rubber Guard, Safe Haven, Invisible Collar

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MTS 112: The Ditch

The Ditch

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