MTS 118: 2 Things in Mexico

00:01:36 Eddie Bravo Seminar CNAR, Mexico City, Mexico

00:02:54 Judo Olympic training

00:04:28 Kid drills rubberguard

00:04:54 Translation by Victor Davila, 10p HQ Blackbelt 

00:05:15 Jeremiah Vance, 10p HQ Brownbelt

00:08:30 Cacoon to 3/4 Rubber Guard

00:14:48 Nate Harris 10p Santa Fe Brownbelt

00:18:11 Cacoon to 3/4 Rubber Guard cont.

00:20:22 Integrating Technique into training

00:23:57 The Truth: Eddie Bravo Biography (Official Trailer)

00:25:36 Cacoon to 3/4 Rubber Guard cont.

00:27:10 Flying Gogo Clinch

00:27:58 Old path vs new path of Rubberguard

00:30:22 New path of 2/4 Rubberguard to Gogo Clinch

00:27:58 Gogo Clinch Dos Cosas

00:39:30 Bombing Story

00:42:40 Eric Medina EBI Competitor

00:43:14 Victor Davila 10p HQ Blackbelt, Tory Davila 10p Bluebelt

00:44:53 Fiorella Coto Segnini, EBI Competitor

00:45:24 Bryan Brown 10p Atlantic Beach Highlight

00:47:21 Gogo Clinch Polishing

00:50:05 Getting the Overhook

01:04:39 Getting the Overhook from Bottom Half

01:14:20 Jules Masters 10p Birmingham British Open 2016

01:19:51 Top Inside Pressure Game

01:34:49 Integrating Technique Into Training

01:36:26 EBI 10 Geo Martinez vs Eddie Cummings (Full Match)


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