MTS 130 High Level Lockdown

00:02:14 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries San Francisco pt 1

00:07:15 10p HQ Intro

00:08:20 Mastering The Warmups

00:15:08 Tower 7 – Look Into It

00:16:12 Power of Drilling Warmups

00:20:42 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries San Francisco pt 2

00:23:19 Kimura Defense “Baret Claw” Details and Story

00:36:10 7WSky guest Eddie Bravo

00:45:12 Warmups B1 – Hail Marys

00:46:54 Warmups B2 – Hail Marys

00:48:40 Body Triangle vs Leg Press

00:49:33  Warmups B3 – Hail Marys

00:50:08 Marcelotine

00:55:18  Warmups B3 – Hail Marys

00:56:41 Preschool Flow Update

00:57:10 Contortion Training

00:58:48 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries San Francisco pt 3

01:01:25 Dislocated Knee

01:03:25 Electric Stone Sweep

01:13:35 Warmups Wall

01:15:03 Electric Stone Sweep Cont.

01:38:47 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries San Francisco pt 4

01:39:45 Marvin Castelle Class – EBI Overtime

  • Tim Portner Realtor

    Wow! Dope intro.

  • Darkside

    Is the second B3 supposed to be B4?

  • Kevin Schriver

    Great episode as always! I was hesitant about the new intro since I am used the to first MTS intros…the old school (1-30) MTS episodes.

    Found some good nuggets in this one:
    Barret Claw Kimura Escape and you telling that little girl to “Look Into It” regarding Depeche Mode. I spit my beverage over the computer screen.

    Love these!

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