MTS 131 The Truck In Big Bear

00:02:14 Tony Ferguson – UFC Lightweight Contender

00:02:29 Big Bear Lake Intro

00:05:02 Talking ADCC 2017 in Espoo, Finland

00:11:46 Ezekiel Choke No Gi with Ilan Xanthakis

00:16:06 Evolution of the Ground Ep. 6 Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds

00:27:19 Tony Ferguson Training in Big Bear

00:32:13 Perfect Twister Side

00:40:14 Nessie from Twister Side

00:52:24 Eddie Bravo Pulls No Punches on Conspiracy Theories

00:58:49 Left Leg Hook Left Leg

01:08:00 Left Leg Hook Left Leg Variation 1

01:09:56  Left Leg Hook Left Leg Variation 2

01:10:54 Kuwy Control

01:14:48 Sneaky Kamikaze

01:18:43 Crotch Ripper Defense

01:19:57 Kickstand in Rubber Guard

01:20:55 Santos

01:22:45 Gi Hang Man

01:25:41 Santos Cont.

01:28:48 Twister Side – Recovering Position

01:30:59 Biggie Slicer – Bicep Slicer from Twister Side

01:32:05 Jail Break

01:34:34 Ruben Alvarez Calls out Fake Black Belt

01:37:09 Story Behind Fake Black Belt

01:42:36 Tony Ferguson Training in Big Bear

01:45:27 Cardio – 10pQ EBI 13 Excerpt

01:46:42 Tony Ferguson – UFC Interim Lightweight Champion

01:57:22 Tony Ferguson Black Belt Promotion

MTS 130 High Level Lockdown

Electric Stone Sweep, Marvin Castelle

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MTS 129: Polishing The Twister Pass

Warmups E, D, G

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MTS 128: Advanced Back Escapes

Back Escapes

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MTS 127: The Slow Vape

Warmups E, A, Rubber Guard with Jeremiah Vance

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MTS 126: Breaking Down F & G

warmups F & G

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MTS 125: D & H Update

Warmups D & H Update

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MTS 124: How U Gonna Capture?

Tony Ferguson, warmups A Granbys

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MTS 123: Valley of the Truck

Warmups H, F, B
The Valley, Truck

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