MTS 143 Advanced Inversions with Marvin Castelle

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:27 Nathan Orchard – Infinite Passion

00:15:34 Warmups D1 – Standing Passes

00:19:25 Warmups D2 – Standing Passes

00:20:59 Warmups D3 – Standing Passes

00:22:43 Warmups D4 – Standing Passes

00:24:37 Breaker Flow

00:25:42 Eddie Bravo “Look Into It” Sitcom

00:26:56 D Day Live Passing Drills

00:28:51 D Day Drills – Leg Drag

00:32:50 10p Melbourne Grappling Industries 2018

00:35:17 D-Sev Dan Severn

00:40:51 James Whiston wins BOSS grappling comp HL

00:42:35 Positional Live Drill – Dog Fight with Luis Quinones

00:44:30 COWHN 594 Tin Foil Hat Comedy Tour

00:49:24 Lila Smadja Prep for EBI 16

00:51:12 Evolution of the Ground Ep 8

01:05:10 Inversion Series with 10pHQ Black Belt Marvin Castelle

01:06:51 Modified X-Guard

01:10:10 Inversion Series Micro Drill

01:11:09 Inversion Series

01:19:35 Smash Pass Micro Drill

01:23:39 Yoga Cool Down

  • Philip Ng

    What’s the name of the guitar track at 12:30? It’s so beautiful and complements Nathan’s inspirational story so well.

  • luke white

    master eddie, when you gonna come out to Koh Tao?

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