MTS 32: Filmes de Porrada

  • Technique 1: Double Bagger to Invisible Crackhead to Zombie to Invisible Croc or The Sorcerer
  • Dan Gable endorses break dancing
  • Filmes de Porrada with Renato Laranja and Jeorge Oliveira
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Jeremy Arel talks about 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu
  • Technique 2: Flower Sweep to Free New York
  • Eddie rolls with UFC fighter Takeya Mizugaki
  • Technique 3: New Jersey to Meat Hook to Triangle or Kung Fu Move
  • Rock stars rollin’ at HQ
  • Wrestling for MMA and BJJ with 10th Planet brown belt Amir Allam
  • Renato visits 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Vista
  • Epstein on CSI
  • Dav6623

    sick ass pass at 25:90ish

  • Edmcgee2011

    Bad ass!

  • Ray

    Awesome episode Eddie they get better everytime.

  • Eddie Bravo

    Thank you guys! We got some great episodes coming :)

  • Kato84

    Another great show!

    Loved the New Jersey stuff.  I end up there most of the time (lazy with my posting leg) 


  • Chad Clark

    MTS just keeps getting better and better. Appreciate ya continuing to put these out Eddie!

  • Dennis Martinez

    Great video glad we are lucky enough to get all this knowledge on here being all the way in NYC its nice to keep adding and working on the system.

  • Lasse L Karagiannis

    This episode had so much things! Thank’s !

     By the way what is “asaid”, that Eddie was talking about with the black-belt guy?

    • Jordan kuhn

      acai is a high anti-oxidant fruit that is popular in brazil, i think it might only come from brazil actually, sorry, should have googled before i answered.

  • Joachim Hoff

    Awsum! This is by far the best reality TV,(or perpetual seminar), that I’ve ever seen!

  • Arvin Ace Panlasigui

    Awesome video….Great techniques! picked up alot of gold nuggets! Thankyou Professor Eddie Bravo for sharing your knowledge! I should have signed up to MTS a long time ago…lol

  • Jonathan Rosener

    Love it

  • Lasse L Karagiannis

    “He was in a good spot, but shit changed really quick on him…” lol!

  • Edmcgee2011

    I have the books and dvds but the web site has help me tremendously! I oredered gray hoodie the sent me black and by no means am i a 10 black belt. Can I still reo it Eddie?

  • Eddie Bravo

    I love reading MTS comments so damn much, I read them all, these comments keep me motivated to keep making them as informative and entertaining as possible, it’s an awesome feeling to know that yalls are learning from them, thank you all very much for the support :)

  • Kevinardoin2003

    Any way we can earn belts by learning over the internet? ha

  • Griff Lambert

    Your rubber guard is mind blowing…….

    I’m inspired. :)

  • danno

    the temporary control theory on the rubber guard was really helpful for me.  you rolling was a great help (I appreciate seeing your students, but i really enjoy seeing you roll, although i would love to see some of bollinger playing guard at his school) and i really appreciate when you talk about your faith in a certain set up with percentages i.e talking about going to invis crack head to zombie 

  • Jonathan Rosener

    id love to hear how the name invisible crack head came from.. lol.  I think thats what seperates 10th from the rest.. Its fun….eddie does a good job of keeping it from sounding like your typical boring instructional videos ,   keep on pushing mr bravo 

  • Ariostocano

    I cant seem to view the video ??

  • Menzies D S

    I’ve tried this sequence from guard and whenever i go from meat hook to kung fu move the guy always just backs out and regains his posture. Can anyone tell me how to stop this from happening?

  • Griff

    I love the Gang Starr song while Eddie’s rolling. :)

  • Trwebb2

    As a self taught Jiu-Jitsu dude these videos own. I recently started going to a MMA gym that does Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and they asked me my belt rank and level. I said none of course. As i began to roll with their purple belts i began to submit with ease. Thanks for taking my Jiu-Jitsu to the next level.

    It is a good feeling when a guy who is higher ranking and been practicing longer looks at your rubber guard, mission control, and inovative submissions and says “hey bro, can you show me that.”

    The only reason i have been able to have this opportunity is because 10th Planet is not about the “lines” and “rules” that govern traditional Brazilian JJ. Thanks for wiping away the lines bro.


  • Beveridgeb

    bein doin rubber guard bout 3 years and prolly pulled off invisible collar 3 times. tried it tonight with crackhead to zombie and got it EVERY time i tried. bout 5 times.. fn sweet. they kept pulling out so i gotta get use to the position. any advice for when they are able to just slip out? or when they keep theyre head down and move to the side that their arm is not trapped? thanks, good stuff!

  • HansNERY

    Not related to this video in particular, but so you guys know, I did my first “banana split” after trying a twister, couldn’t get the twister but it just showed up after getting in the truck position.
    My master was quite impressed as it’s considered an advanced move, called “chave de virilha” here. I’m just loving 10th planet jiu jitsu way. Keep it coming guys.

  • Wes McCracken

    Cannot say enough how much I appreciate everyone that has anything to do with making 65 hours of 10th planet instruction available for 55 bucks. Eddie Bravo revolutionized not just jiu jitsu, but also who can be impacted by his excellent technical instruction, I have been able to become exponentially better at jiu jitsu from Japan, just by watching MTS and Mastering the Rubber Gaurd online. Thank you.

  • darren saunders

    love this basic rubber guard stuff, just love it. Translates real easy into my existing game.

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