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    Grove City BJJ Academy

    Sub Only 16 Man Event w/ Cash Prize; Columbus, OH

    I'm sorry if this violates any rules here, and will gladly take it down if it does. There's a small group of us in Columbus, OH that are planning a Submission Only, EBI Rules tournament this fall. It will be $100 to enter with a $1000 to win; 16 man tournament with 4, 4-man brackets that will be competed round-robin style, then the winner of those 4 will compete to determine the winner. This is very similar to Bruce Sek's Jiu Jitsu Kumite that he runs down in Houston, TX. (For the record, I spoke with Bruce and received his blessing before copying his tournament style)

    All subs will be legal, 10 minute matches w/ OT. No Slamming, however if you have a submission attempt and are lifted off the mat above waist level you will be reset to standing.

    Our first event will be this Fall likely on November 11th; we are looking at doing a 145, 155, or 170 weight class AND a 185 or 205 weight class depending on what weight classes we're able to produce a lineup for.

    Trying to gauge potential interest from competitors that might be willing to travel and compete; I guarantee that you will not have a competitor from your same affiliation in your opening round bracket, but am not able to guarantee that in the finals bracket for obvious reasons. I am looking for competitors at a purple belt level and above. Please feel free to contact me with any questions either here or through Facebook.


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