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Thread: Spoiler UFC 216

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    Spoiler UFC 216

    Spoiler for UFC 216

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    Congrats Tony Ferguson!


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    Congrats Tony!

    As far as promotion is concerned I think I finally understand the mistake the UFC is making. Since Conor they're trying to market "exciting trash-talkers". Why is that a mistake? Because Conor is Conor, he's an exception to the rule and they're currently trying to turn an exception into a rule. That - simply - doesn't - work. Instead of promoting "exciting trash-talkers" they should focus on promoting exciting fighters. That's what Tony is, he's an exciting fighter. People don't love him because of his own talking, or his hairstyle, whatever, we love him because he's a really good and exciting fighter. By promoting him and other exciting fighters, that's how the UFC can stay on top of the game.


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