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    Original Link:
    North Korea? Will a rocket make a Tsunami?
    30th September 2017, TIME: 5:23 in the morning!

    My Darlings,
    Tonight I had a sleepless night, I could say this with great joy, because a man well informed becomes stronger in his soul and goes to God and The Holy Mary Mother of God with all his strength.

    I received lots of DEVINE MESSAGES my darlings, with what awaits us in the future.

    Even if the messages are not on our liking, they have the purpose to steer us towards the Merciful God and The Holy Mary, so that our soul can be saved from eternal torment.

    I could see a night sky towards sunset, and from down on the ground I could see a cilindric object that leaves behind it 2-3 meters of intense fire.
    Like in this image:
    ---random picture to portray the vision for a better understanding---

    And within a blink of the eye, I see the earth covered in water, I see lots of dirty/brownish water and nothing from the houses or trees or people on earth.

    My dear friends, it is highly possible, that this nuclear test of North Korea in the Pacific Ocean, to produce extremely large floods.

    But look what a voice on my right side is telling me right now:

    “The test with the HYDROGEN BOMB, will produce a TSUNAMY! “

    Look my dears, the danger that awaits us all, the inhabitants of Planet Earth. It looks like North Korea really wants to test this Hydrogen Bomb, and I think they will. And from here there is not much untill a GLOBAL DISASTER!

    ----insert, a Romanian news article----

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    Danger! Radioactive! Two Radioactive!
    12 October 2017, Time: 6:11 in the morning!

    My Darlings,
    This morning, being awake I hear a voice that says something frightening:
    “Danger! Radioactive!
    Two Radioactive…!”

    After, the voice says nothing anymore!
    My dear friends, unfortunately we will hear of a such warring situation; but lets hope it won’t be that bad, that it will not impact the population negatively.
    God and The Holy Mary loves us all altogether, and they won’t let us suffer nor loose us. Lets pray for this! Lets not forget to do good to those that do us wrong. Lets forgive with all our heart and forget the wrongs others did to us.

    Like the prayer “Our Father” says:
    “and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us!”
    So lets do this for real my darlings!
    Lets forgive with all our heart, so the Good God and The Holy Mary will do the same for us!
    With Love, Maria!

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    Original article:
    41000 Dead !? Los Angeles!
    June 9 2017, Time: 4:15 early morning!

    My Darlings,
    This morning a voice woke me up, that said something earthshaking!
    Here is what the first voice said:

    “But have you been there?!”

    And another voice continued:

    “Yes! I was and there are 41000 dead.”

    And the voice continues:


    My darlings it’s more then earthshaking.
    What could happen to Los Angeles, that could result in 41000 dead?

    I don’t know what to say, I am so sad and I have tears in my eyes, only thinking that 41000 people will just vanish, in longer or shorter time frame.

    Like it is written from above, from the Good God.

    My darlings, lets pray together for our brothers and sisters from Los Angeles, but also for world peace. If the good God and The Holy Mary will receive our prayers, spoken with our hearts and not only with our lips, then we might have a chance that this disaster will not take place.

    Lets search to be better, more merciful, to strengthen our faith, to forgive those that do us wrong, to dress the naked and feed the hungry.

    Lets go to the holy church brothers, at least on Sundays to the Holy Mass, and to live with our hearts and souls the Holy and Sanctified Mass.

    Lets confess darlings, to our priest, to receive the Holy and Sanctified Eucharist (not sure if this is the word)

    So that the most merciful God and The Holy Mary will help us, Amin!

    With Love, Maria!

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    Big Cyclone, Of Red Color as Fire !
    13 September 2017, TIME 16:05 !
    --- random picture insert: --

    My Darlings,
    Look how all these messages are coming forward, about the disasters that are about to happen on Earth.
    While I was writing here on the blog, the previous article, I see on my right towards North, North-West, a Cyclone of reddish color. Just a little, like droplets, I could observe the colors grey-blue, in that intense red Cyclone. The Cyclone was big and of a living red, very bright and was twisting counter clock wise.
    Do not doubt my darlings, of all the things I write here!
    I’m the pen of the Holy Ghost, I have no power; Only with the power of the Holy Ghost I write.
    All the things you will read on this Blog “GOD EXISTS – CONFESSIONS (testimonials)!”, be convinced, that all will come true, they will fulfill at the time of God’s choosing, and not when man wants them to!

    ---random picture insert: ---

    My darlings, what does this red cyclone means, and where it will hit, I do not know. But unfortunately, we will hear of this fire like cyclone.

    Let’s pray to the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother Of God to protect us from all evil, from all troubles and suffering, Amin!

    With Love, Maria!

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    9 October 2017, TIME 6:15 in the morning

    My Darlings,
    This morning, a voice (spirit) woke me up that said this:
    In that moment I see towards EST, the sea water getting pulled out of the sea many many meters above the Sea.
    It was like a giant mushroom of black-blueish color, it was frightening BIG and TALL, it seemed that it reached the skies.
    ---random picture to portray the vision for a better understanding---

    Then I hear the voice again saying this:
    ----picture - Italy map (?) – fragment of Mediterranean Sea map----
    Then my Darlings, the voice disappears, and I continue to watch “THE MONSTER” from the depths, that made the water a huge vortex (the word could be: tow or flax | sorry) and raised it to the sky.
    ---picture – italy map (?) -- fragment of Mediterranean Sea map ---
    Dear friends, like always I’ve made my soul duty and I wrote here all that I’ve experienced, seen and been told.

    So we will hear about a very big cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, more precisely off the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
    May the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God be with all of us, Theirs children, and may Them protect us from all evil and hardships and all disasters, AMIN!
    With Love, Maria!

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    USA and North Korea! Imminent war danger! The president of USA, will tense to the max the conflict with North Korea! Imminent war danger!

    My Darlings,
    I’ve wrote often about ww3 but also about North Korea and USA!
    We all know what “games” N.K plays, and the US president is ready to explode, literaly, because N.K. is not stepping down and makes all sorts of nuclear tests.

    -----romanian news article insert: ---
    It would be so much better if the US president Donald Trump, would prove his wisdom and would not answer the N.K. provocations with the same side of the coin (Romanian expression, not sure how to translate), as in not with imminent nuclear war threat.
    Right now, as I write, I voice (spirit) told me to write:
    “Imminent nuclear war”
    But look what message I got from 22th September 2017, time 6:12 in the morning!
    I voice (spirit) woke me up, that was having a conversation with another:
    “I don’t know how much evil this man can do. But how much can this plan of American tension that can lead to nuclear war!”
    But since the US president – Donald Trump answers with verbal violence to the N.K. provocations, it is highly probable that all you will read in this special article, to come true unfortunately.
    Look my darlings, a link about N.K.
    (I will translate and insert the article above, it is not included in this article, only link)
    N.K. “Plays” war games?
    13 May 2017, time 7:34 in the morning!
    My darlings, this morning I hear a voice that says something about NK.
    The voice says this:
    “Attention to North Korea!
    North Korea”
    In this moment, I see in front of my closed eyes, I see a big room, and in a corner of that room, in the corner towards sunset I see a cylindric object that’s about 1 meter tall and only about 30-40 cm wide, with a white surface(finish?) on the exterior like of a radiator or a heating device.
    But be certain brothers, it was nor one nor the other, because from that cylindric object laid vertical, there was a dens white smoke (probably steam) coming out of, or like a dens white steam (I take it back, probably liquid nitro to cool it down, my insert) on all its height and width, white smoke that was dispersing in the entire room.
    Dear friends, what does awaits us?
    But whatever is coming we must remain strong in Faith, to give “soul love” to our fellows, to help those that are poor and sad, and absolutely, we need to defend our Faith in Christ and The Holy Mary Mother of God.
    So likewise may the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God help us, Amin!
    With love, Maria!
    --picture insert, news article insert –
    ------------------------------I return to original article------------------------

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    ------------------------------I return to original article------------------------
    But also a link about America:
    Even since 2003 America is in the crosshairs of it’s enemies!
    4th August 2003, time 14:56!
    My darlings
    I was on my desk writing.
    Suddenly I hear a voice that simply left me speechless.
    The voice said this:
    “America’s assault.
    America will be in air.
    America will explode!”
    My darlings, there’s been 11 years since then, lets hope with all of our souls that there will be peace and calmness, not only in America, but in the entire world. Because that’s how it suppose to be between human beings, peace and good will.
    And then in the night time, while I was praying, I hear an astonished voice that says this:
    “It’s the Atlantic Ocean!”
    And another astonished voice asks:
    “The feezed Atlantic Ocean???”
    And the voice disappears like an echo!
    We can all see, my darlings, what is going on in the entire world, with the seasons, with the world faithsm they are all upside down.
    Only the faith in the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God can bring us on the path most pleased by God.
    And look brothers how beautiful the angels were singing, and how the heavens and the earth were reverberating, I quote:
    “You we truly celebrate!
    Praises to You!
    With your Prayers, now we ascend.
    Holy! Holy …, only the Groom ascends!”
    My Darlings, mysterious are God’s ways! But we can know them if we will have Faith, Hope and Love of God and The Holy Mary Mother of God.
    They will be revealed to us, one by one and all in their time by God.
    Our patience is the richness of wisdom.
    A patient man, it’s a God fearing man, that prepares even from this fast passing life, prepares through faith and good deeds, his place in the kingdom of God.
    With Love and appreciation, Maria

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    Link to “America will boil and it will be shaken! “ :
    Here is another link, in which it says that America will boil:
    2nd January 2017, time 14:15
    My Darlings
    This afternoon, while I was resting a bit, I hear a voice that says only one word:
    “AMERICA !”
    After that my darlings a map is shown to me, like the one below (with approximation), and to the south of the map, on a yellow background an unseen power writes:
    “America !”
    ---map insert---
    This word America, written right at the heal of the map, was sizzling (kind of boiling, not sure if that is the word), like a piece of meat sizzles on a hot grill.
    Then, this boot, cause it looked like a boot, started to lift from the ground, exactly from the word America.
    As it was horizontal, like it’s normal, it lifted till near the tip, like the mouth of a shark, and it stayed there, shaking like in a strong wind, a typhoon wind .
    Lets try to stay on the heals and raise the feet as much as we can and shake it. That is what was happening to America.
    America, simple word without any other meaning.
    In conclusion, America that was shown to me it will jump from it’s place, like a handball jumps, it will burn, it will sizzle.

    What is the meaning of this? I do not know what to answer; But we will find together my darlings.
    Lets not forget my darlings, I wrote many times about America, and not always about good stuff.
    So my darlings, something bad is going to happen in America!
    May the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God protect the Americans, and us as well and all His children.
    With love, Maria
    And Romania will have to suffer because of America’s actions!
    America will destroy Romania
    Nighttime 26-27 February 2017 time 1:34
    My darlings,
    Tonight, while I was writing on the blog I hear a voice, very loud, that says something earthshattering.
    Look what the voice said:
    America will destroy Romania!”
    My darlings, I wrote often about USA and Deveselu (Romanian city/village)
    I often wrote about the US soldiers and the US tanks in Romania.
    I know we are in NATO, but our Russian neighbors, are standing with their hands crossed watching with what and how much we arm ourselves?
    Indirectly, trough the arms deposit and through the American soldiers on Romanian Teritory, USA will destroy us.
    We are in great danger, considering that we are like a pain in Russia’s ribs.
    Vladimir Putin won’t sit doing nothing, but that is another true story.
    Nighttime 11th-12th December 2016,time 0:45!
    My Darlings,
    Also tonight while I was writing the previous article, I see my darlings, like I had an eye in the back of the head, I see a city towards South-East.
    I was somewhere high, and like form a helicopter, I was watching the city below, filled with houses and apartment blocks, a normal city, but not that big.
    Suddenly, a violent fire, with huge flames, surrounded that entire city like in a circle, the whole city, starting from the edge.
    ----insert picture----
    In that moment I hear a vice that was screaming like this:
    “OOOHHHH! It’s a real HELL!”
    But another voice adds this:
    “Hell on earth!”
    My darlings, if it’s about Romania, I can only think about Deveselu, because I know what I saw, and I wrote about here on the blog.
    Lets not forget about this message:
    “The “sheeps” (it’s like puppy for sheeps, but not lambs, not sure how to translate) are running from Deveselu.”
    “Christ cross may be with Deveselu.
    But it can happen anything as well in another country as well.
    We are only left to get stronger in our faith, and hope that the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God will protect us and defend us, not only us but all our fellow human beings.

    With Love, Maria.

    ---insert news articles from romanina publications ----

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    There were a few more posts but i guess they are lost into the moderators purgatory and might never get out of it. So i will repost them even so my second message on this thread was quite important not only as a message but as position as well anyways

    A few years back, more then 2 - less then 3, the face of a lady started to appear in Romanian publications with titles like "The prophetess Maria Ghiorghiu said this and that and the other and it came true!". Now i don't know what you guys believe but God made sure that in my life i will get to have certain experiences and meet certain people.

    Some of these people were what some would call remote viewers or clairvoyants. One thing i've learned from them, and they all shared this, is that people that really have theses powers or abilities, whatever you want to call them, don't want public exposure. In fact they usually end up isolating themselves from society as their gifts are also quite a burden.

    So i discarded these titles completely and i said to myself what a bunch of bullshit. But i got so sick of seeing this lady's face as she apparead more and more often that i said: OK! i have to check this out and see wtf is going on. And i did.

    For more then a year now i've been following her postings, i've checked her archive and i reached a point where i had to cross a line and draw a conclusion. The conclusions could be only 2, it's either fake or not. ANd fake it is not. The blog is filled with her visions and messages that even they are not always clear there are just way to many times so close at describing events that happened after a given number of days, weeks, months. Some in fact are quite clear and there is no doubt about it, for me at least, that whoever or however she is getting hold of this information, the information is accurate.

    Now there are many conclusions that i've drawn, and maybe i will share them with you in time, as i've been following her blog for a bit more then a year now. But whatever my conclusions are i will tell you straight up that she belives this information she is getting is provided from the Holy Ghost. Do i know this to be a fact? No! But not only that i know she Believes it strongly, i believe her myself!

    She is not running any ads and she is not selling anything with the exception of a book she channeled that is in Romanian and it's no use for you anyhow. There are no plans to translate it in English or any other language and even if it were this would take about a year.

    I'm not selling nothing, i'm not running any ads, i am doing this because i believe her not because she is trust worthy but because i put one year of constant checking into her work and it checks out. I only translated this far, and even if it might not be enough to convince you i want you to know that i am not here to convince or convert anyone!

    I am here to tell you that when you will see these things happening DO NOT LOSE HOPE! BE JOYFUL! after all these things will pass, and yes it will be bad, there is a new cycle for humanity that awaits us. There will be quite large numbers of people all over the world that will survive and it is up to us to rebuild the world from ashes. It is not a metaphor. The world will turn to ashes...

    There will be many that will say the world will end and people will loose their shit as they will think there will be no one to hold them accountable for their actions. Cops will quit their jobs to be with their families, firefighters, medics, military people, they will all quit and go to their families and for a while all the bad, all the ugly will surface.

    Do not loose hope, do not despair, do not panic, it's pointless, useless, of no value!

    I'm am not here to tell you that you are going to die, I'm here to remind you that you are alive and you have a choice, you will have a choice if you want to survive and help rebuild this world. When the time will come you will know!

    The hardest part won't be the survival, it will be holding to your humanity and decency as you will be surrounded by angry raging mobs waging war against all the others. Hold on to it, keep loving, keep appreciating, keep being humble! These are true virtues of human beings, and these will be the salvation not only of your soul but of your body as well.

    Some of you may want to leave, i had this conversation many times with my friends, some said if the world crumbles they don't want to live in it anymore as there is nothing for them to do in a world of ashes. I understand them, and it's alright! Death is just an illusion anyway, even if you believe or not, you will find out for yourselves when the time comes.

    But if you want to know now all you have to do is go to youtube and type "children past lives" and if they don't convince you then i don't know what will except death itself. It's that easy these days to find the truth, but even for this, it takes will and a thirst for truth.

    I will keep posting my translations of Maria's work, you can visit her blog as well but it's mostly in romanian. I made a Youtube channel, no adds, no promos, no products, i'm not selling anything, i'm not pushing anything, all i want is to reach those that need to be reached, in order to let them know that when all hell will break loose, REMEMBER! THE WORLD WILL NOT END! NEVER!
    I will get in the next days some of Maria's TV apparitions and subtitle them for you, so you can get to know her.

    my YT channel is this:

    Also i would like to apologize for me butchering the English language.

    And know this as well:

    God will lead you with the same ease through any chaos as he is leading and inspiring you through the present one. Work with him, Prayer and Action, Prayer and Action, Prayer and Action, that is the key, and you will be fine no matter what it will happen around you in the next years!

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    Hi, i spent the last 3 hours of so to sort all the material i have and i posted it on:

    it's a science forum despite what you might think of the name in the link. They build mostly electrical devices and do experiments, but the platform they use allows me to edit and do better pagination. Also they are quite big on free energy conspiracies as some of their members have seen quite amazing stuff over the years and from time to time they share their experiences that they should not talk about, because of the governmental gag on this subject.

    Anyway, i will update that thread in the future but i will answer all your questions you got here. So there is no need to make an account there. I will check as often as possible.

    So i guess i did my job and warned the guys from Nibiru forum that Nibiru is actually real and coming. Good Luck!

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