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    10th Planet Pasadena is going LIVE this Sunday!

    Hey ya'll,

    Super excited to announce the grand opening of 10th Planet Pasadena this Sunday, Oct. 15th! 10th Planet Pasadena Co-Owner Eric Ramey and I will be teaching a donation based seminar from 1-3pm followed by some free rolling, raffles, food & beverages. Donations go to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. If you're in the Los Angeles are and want to come hang out, get some rolls in, and sign-up for classes; come on up! First come, first serve, we'll cap it at 40 and do a waiting list if space becomes an issue. Also joining us will be none other than the head honcho himself, Illuminatus Sorcerer Supreme Grand-Master Eddie Bravo! Who will most likely will be trying out some new stand-up material, but may mention a thing or 2 about jiu-jitsu if you ask nicely We also have UFC fighter and 10th planet brown belt, Alan Jouban coming by to greet us with his chiseled good looks and some UFC related goodies to raffle. Rash guards are available through our website:

    Class Schedule officially starts Monday, Oct.16th 2017!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon here at The Lab my friends.


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    This is going to be awesome.

    Can't wait to see everybody!

    (and get me one of your wicked new rashguards hehe)

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