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    The game plan against Kahbib is to keep the fight standing up. Keep the fight in the center of the ring. The first round is going to be key and should be fought standing up for 5 minutes to take Kahbib out of his game plan. Go deep into each of the following rounds standing up. Jab and move and inflict as much damage to Kahbib with stikes, elbows, knees and kicks. Even if it becomes a counter-striking match and the boo birds come out, keep it standing. We will win scoring strikes if we have to.

    Eventually Kahbib will get frustrated and start following you around the ring throwing strikes only with the intention to clinch with your back against the cage. Remember: strike, slip and turn - back to the center of the ring. If it has to go to the ground, make sure it is in the center of ring. Stay away from the fence at all cost and avoid any clinch. Remember, we are taking Kahbib out of his element. Kahbib has won every match on his terms, on the ground.

    Kahbib will make every effort to force you to the fence with the intention to bring you down on the ground and pin you up against the links. He has an aggressive top passing game that he will first try to trap your legs and arms in order to deliver strikes.

    And for the love of god, keep your hands up Cucuy! Prediction: Tony by KO.

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    Tony vs Conor to unify the belts should happen first. I think If Conor can't put Tony away in 2 rounds than Tony is going to tear him up. Interesting fight.

    If Khabib fights Tony then I think it will end up playing our more on the floor, but Tony has the tools to beat Khabib there, and certainly on the feet.

    I would slightly favor Khabin in a fight against Tony but not by much. Everyone is looking at the fight against Edson and it was impressive as all fuck but at the same time the result isn't surprising. Tony has much better wrestling and a better ground game than Edson does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxmarkov View Post
    reason for strength are strong nerves
    Sorry mate. That doesn't exist.

    Source: PhD in neuroscience.

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    I disagree..Tony Ferguson will put Khabib away.

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