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    10th Planet HQ
    Los Angeles, CA
    10P Sydney would be huge, we’ll see what happens
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    Gracie barra Sydney
    Sydney Australia

    10p Sydney

    I know for a fact there's a call for a 10p in Sydney, especially within the northern beaches area, is there a way for me to contact Frank or anyone else that might be interested in getting the ball rolling, I'd love to do anything I can to help make this happen

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    Hi all, my apologies if I break any forum rules by bumping a thread

    Open Sparring has just opened in Sydney CBD (2 minutes from Town Hall station) - we are a No-Gi based gym without any of the dogma or gym politics (we allow gi and other affiliations to participate in our open mat sessions). Whilst not a 10th planet we have a few instructors who really appreciate Eddie and the system - not sure about the rules on linking but we are a quick google search


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