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    Created a Jiu Jitsu streaming site, let me know what you think

    Hey all,

    A couple of friends and myself created a website to stream jiu-jitsu content. You can check it out here:

    Primarily, we are searching for live streaming events like tournaments and seminars. If there isn't a live event then we are pulling videos from popular youtube channels.

    We noticed that we were spending a lot of time searching social media to find interesting content. That effort wasn't enough and we still missed events, like the Craig Jones MA1 tournament. Our goal is to remove the headache of keeping up with tournament schedules and social media profiles. One link that is always on and always has the newest/coolest shit.

    Known issues
    • Occasionally videos can get stuck buffering if the internet connection is poor
    • There is a user interface for changing video time but we are forcing videos to stay in sync with the server. This is a frustrating user experience. We plan on hiding the scrubbing UI. Why? The purpose is to watch videos "together" like TV. You can always watch the video on youtube if you wanted full functionality.

    How can you help:
    • Use the site and give us feedback
    • Drop your email into the collection to stay up to date with changes we make
    • Let us know of youtube videos that you would like to see on the site
    • Let us know of youtube videos that suck and shouldn't be on the site
    • Let us know of upcoming competitions that are streaming that we should host
    • Would you like to partner with us?
    • Tell us you think the idea sucks and we shouldn't build it (we won't listen but we believe in free speech)


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