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Thread: Knees and TP

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    Knees and TP

    Hello family!

    I have recently dislocated my knee and 5 weeks on i am on route to recovery currently in rehab working on strengthening my surrounding knee muscles and hip flexibility.
    I am wondering whether now after all of this will moves such as the gogoplata or general moves with knees high up and in crazy positions will never be possible?

    also any advice to speed my recovery will be really appreciated!

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    Ronin @ Ion BJJ, Sulphur Springs, TX
    I injured my strong side knee and thought i couldn’t play RG anymore. What the injury taught me was to learn to play RG with my hip flexibility, not my knees...along with turning to my side slightly....which is the correct way to play it anyways. Now, gogoplatas are easier.

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    10th Planet Ronin
    Brisbane, Australia
    Hey mate,

    I know knee injurys well as I have had several surgeries and the main thing is just to strengthen your leg and take your time going back to those moves. Daniel is right on with RG and using your hips is key rather than all that pressure on your knees. As for playing gogo and the omo games and such, That comes back and you will learn to stabilize your positions and when to pull the trigger at the right time rather than counting on flexibility.

    All in all , you should be able to get back to it but take your time, and fall inlove with that pigon stretch from yoga!

    Best of luck mate and hit me up if you need any advice on the knee!

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    I can honestly understand why people used to tell me TP is a family - it is!
    Thank you so much with the advice brothers
    I have heard about the turning with the hips rather than the knees or moving with the joint etc just going to end up in snapcity

    Blessings to all!

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    Eddie Bravo's Avatar

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    Yes, play on your side, focus on 3/4 rubber guard, you don’t need as much flexibility
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