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    Quote Originally Posted by LuT View Post
    I do listen to tin foil hat too tho , Sam is dropping some great info the last 5 episodes.
    Yeah, Sam is also a great conspiracy comic, he’s been destroying lately
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Bravo View Post
    Yeah, Sam is also a great conspiracy comic, he’s been destroying lately
    I have ordered and listen to one of his stand up specials Believe in yourself and i can confidently say that what he says about him self being a black belt in comedy is true. He is deffenitely a proffesional in what he does. I have not seen him in the stand up shows you guys are doing , hope you put some parts of the shows on mts or ig for the fans across the pond
    I saw the one where you debate the scientist tho master Eddie. I still think its a matter of time that some smart scientist dude gives a case to an argument that you cannot see the curve cus light is faster then physics there for it curves after you see behind the corner with optics and the atmosphere... that was the argument that dude was giving right ? That you can see behind a corner of a building using the atmosphere and optics
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