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    Shoulder roll in mma

    I'm a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, I tried out full contact kickboxing and did just ok, couldn't deal with punches close quarters well. Then I went to try boxing and got lit up, understandably so because we spar bladed in Tkd but our boxing foundation is square facing (Peek-a-boo). This position disorients my setup, so I left for a few weeks to research the stances. I found the philly shell shoulder roll to be a very bladed stance as well. So I went back to my boxing coach, told him for the next few weeks, we just drill shoulder roll defense and a little pad work. Happy to say, when I stepped in to spar, my training partners could not believe the difference. Then I went back to a gym where I once sparred in full contact kickboxing and their jaws dropped. They could not believe it. They hardly scored with kicks cos mine was superior and in taekwondo, we fight longer distance and when they got close, their punches couldn't land well cos my defense was good. People have said shoulder roll wont work in mma because of glove size but Bobby Green and Brian Ortega are finding success with it and you can see their calm demeanor when fighting. So for my training, taekwondo/philly shell and 10thplanet is all I train in. I know if I get into amateur fight, they'll be in trouble. What do y'all think


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