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    10th Planet Darlington

    Shout out to the 10th Planet London guys yesterday at ADCC British Open

    Yesterday I was competing at the ADCC British open and as I've only been part of a 10th planet club for around 6 weeks, I've not made a lot of friends yet (I'm a pretty quiet guy). As a result I ended up driving to the competition alone. Around a minute into my first match I could hear someone shouting instructions and quickly realised it wasn't my opponents coach, and that it was someone else and they were helping me. At the end of the round I could see it was a member of 10th planet London. They had seen me in my 10thP rash guard and saw I had no coach or corner with me and they decided to give me some help. After the round they introduced me to the rest of the guys they were with and offered to send someone over to help me stay warm for my next round. It's really great to feel part of a community where other people from the affiliation will just come to help without having to ask. My coach from a previous affiliation would often turn up, coach some of his guys and then leave half way through and leave us to our own devices.
    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to those guys, it really helped me out a lot and has really made me feel great being part of the 10thP affiliation.

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    Beautiful story. 10P UK is an incredible force
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    Thank you for the kind words brother
    We are all family

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    Jackkuu Tairuuu!!! I know that you are reading this now. I m gonna double leg you and than take your back and than chin crank you and huffa and puffa. Caralho Jack!!!111


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