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    Which book would you buy first?

    Hello all,

    I'm a little over a month into my journey with 10th planet and have been concentrating on the warmups as I've been told is a really good start. I'm thinking about exposing myself to a little more now on my own outside of class so I'm looking at the 10th planet books, just wondering which one you guys would recommend I start with? I'd rather not buy all of the books at once because I'd like to be focused on one thing at a time. Also, money.

    ...As a little bit of background on my experience if it helps make a recommendation, I used to train a lot of no-gi back in the early 2000's when jiu-jitsu looked like Ricksons fights on the beach so I'm not an absolute beginner, but I took a long time off and the 10th planet system is certainly very new and evolved to my eyes.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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