10th Planet Rive Sud, Canada

10th Planet Rive Sud was founded by Corey Guitard in 2018. Coach Corey is currently a brown belt under his friend and mentor, professor Louis Ho. Corey has trained and competed all over the world and his highlights include gold medals from the expert categories at the NAGA Worlds, the Rickson Cup (NY), the Fuji NY Open, Grappling Industries, SAU, Grapplers Quest, and many other promotions. Corey is also a Global Grappling League co-main event champion (2018), the Grappling Industries Lake George Super Absolute Champion (2018), and both the SAU Ottawa and the SAU Montreal NoGi Absolute champion (2018, 2016). Corey is joined by Louis Ho purple belt Francis St. Amour, who won the NAGA worlds at the expert level in 2018, and is developing into one of the strongest competitors on the east coast. Together, the coaching staff at 10PWI is focused on developing a strong student base with sound fundamentals and a good understanding of the systems key positions.

256 Boul. Industriel
Chateauguay, Qc. J6J 4Z2
Closed ⋅ Opens 12 p.m. Mon.
Province: Québec
Phone: (514) 839-7383

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