10th Planet Springfield, OR



1820 north 42nd street #8
Springfield oregon 97477

email: superherojjacademy@gmail.com
phone: 612-888-4376
website: http://www.springfield10thplanet.com

Mike Dewitt

Head instructor Mike Dewitt started wrestling in 8th grade and through high school. Mikes jiu jitsu journey began in 2008 where he quickly moved through the ranks through hard work and dedication to learning and applying the 10th planet system in competition and became the first black belt, not promoted by Eddie Bravo in the system, in just 5 years.

Competition/Training Highlights:

  • First to receive 10th Planet Black Belt in 5 years or under
  • 4 time Submission Underground winner
  • Gracie Worlds Advanced Champion 2012
  • Gracie Nationals Black Belt Runner Up 2015
  • 3 Time NAGA Advanced Champion
  • Subleague Elite Champion 2015, 2017
  • Ground Warrior Elite Champion 2016
  • Subleague Advanced Champion 2011, 2010

Timothy Collins

Classes: Fundamentals, Advanced, Private Lessons
Rank: Purple belt

Competition/Training Highlights:

  • Sub-league 2008 qualifier
  • 1st place Seven feathers 2008 2nd Place

Jiu jitsu, Outdoor activities, Wood working, Cooking large chunks of meat over open fires

Staying involved in things has always been a struggle for me. I’ll start in on something and then lose interest in a few months. The day I started Jiu Jitsu under the instruction of Paul Hopkins I was hooked. And although I took a few years off, it drew me back. I believe that I bring a unique quality as someone who was not an athlete when I first started. I can relate to those who are starting from scratch, to those who are in need of something engaging in most parts of life, and to those who are looking to better themselves.

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