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  1. Lmaoooo

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    10th Planet SINGLET ?!!

    Okay so heres the deal........Im 16 & I've been training at 10P Indy for about a year and a half on and off because of wrestling season & what not. I was trying to get some sleep the other night &...
  3. Any Advice On Gaining Muscle Whilst Losing Weight ?

    So Iíve been trying to cut down to 195 for wrestling ( I train bjj but Iím giving some time for wrestling ), I currently wrestle at 220 & Iím 5í11 ( Or 6ft Iím not sure lmao, Iím 16 and Iím still...
  4. But still I want to focus my attention on one...

    But still I want to focus my attention on one thing at a time because I feel like taking in too much of two things at the same time wouldn’t be doing me any good
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    Dopeeee! ����

    Dopeeee! ����
  6. True brotha ! Thank you !

    True brotha ! Thank you !
  7. Should I Comeback to Training at my Gym or Train Freestyle/Greco at my Highschool ?

    Iíve postponed training Jiujitsu at my gym to learn how to wrestle at my high school but, now that the seasons over I had no idea that the program at my school teaches Freestyle/Greco wrestling in...
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