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  1. Shout out to the 10th Planet London guys yesterday at ADCC British Open

    Yesterday I was competing at the ADCC British open and as I've only been part of a 10th planet club for around 6 weeks, I've not made a lot of friends yet (I'm a pretty quiet guy). As a result I...
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    Hey man. Sorry to hear about your rib. I feel...

    Hey man. Sorry to hear about your rib. I feel your pain. I badly cracked mine 2 years ago and then around 3 weeks ago, someone put a knee on belly on me and there was a slight cracking feeling....
  3. Made the move to the 10th planet system.

    Hi everyone, 10th Planet newbie here. Just thought I'd introduce myself and fill everyone in on my background and if anyone has any advice for someone who is new to the system then I'm happy to hear...
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