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    Star Wars Holiday Special.... Yes. It exists! Run AWAY!

    Apparently George Lucas released a Christmas special a year after the critical and commercial success of the original Star Wars movie. And this was supposed to be another great step forward for the young directors career. And this special wasn't just a spin off of the series, no... this brought back the WHOLE DAMN CAST of the original star wars. Including guest stars like Harvey Corman and Bee Arthur. Because when you think Star Wars, you just gotta think about Bee Arthur!
    This movie did so bad (and rightfully so... this is so bad its almost funny) that George Lucas immediately did everything he could to make sure this never saw the light of day after its appearance on late night television. This was his most personally distraught bomb of his career. And this is the man that thought Jar Jar Binks was funny and groundreaking!
    Anyway, this is the intro to the bootleg of this movie, heroically placed on Youtube for the masses to see. If you care to look at some of the wonderful parts of this that follow it... I warn you. You will either find it insultingly bad or laughingly funny, depending on your taste in bad movies.... I pray for you.
    Also, you get too see Luke Skywalker do a great impression of Ellen Degeneras. Fun

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    Holy crap this is horrible, but I have to watch the rest. Its like driving past a car wreck

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    i actually saw this as a kid. We thought it was great.


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