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    10th Planet Chicago North
    Montgomery, IL
    get a craigslist notifier app for android or ios and set up a search for just "mats" it will catch some random fitness equipment but its the best for finding mats. Mats go very fast but there can be some amazing deals. I got two 13'x36' wrestling mats with a perfect surface for only $750 on an auction posted on craigs (the sellers thought they were 13'x16"!).

    You can get 10x10 wrestling and dollamur mats for 200-400 on craigs. Ill 2nd Josh on dollamur's ebay store, they have deals from time to time.

    I have also heard that mats at comps get sold for cheap sometimes.

    you can get puzzle mats super cheap at SAM's club and double them up to make them 1" thick or tripple for 1.5". I think 12x24 doubled up (300sqft) will run about $450, Thats what I have but I got more than half my mats on criags so that size cost me under $400. I posted them here a while back with links and pics. Just one layer is only good for light drilling. Doubled to make 1" is the minimumn for rolling from the knees and Id go 1.5 for starting standing.

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