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    Part of a documentary on a Qigong healer

    Some Westerners travel to him to find out whats going on. Is this guy for real? Only way to really find out would be to meet him yourself in person. Too bad he is in another country. The way the healer talks about things seems to match with Qigong experiences.

    People probably think Im full of crap when I say electronic stuff acts funny or breaks when I let myself get in too bad of a mood for too long. Just one reason that Im grateful for Eddie writing about the Secret Behind the Secret books in his book. Made thoughts easier to understand, like teaching someone how to do a math problem but with thoughts and energy instead of numbers. Just had to figure out how to make the methods work without using the wanting of things.

    Right away I did notice the difference in pains disappearing and faster healing attributed to positive thought vibrations, but there are also other types of healing not known by many that can only be experienced to understand fully. Everything isnt supposed to be known by everyone. There are things people need to find their way to on their own at their own pace, or they didnt really learn anything out of it


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