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    Here's the thing about those elbows. While the 4 of 5 shots he threw were behind the ear, which is technically the back of the head, the actual zone where illegal contact is enforced is a mohawk strip down the center of the head about 3 inches in length.
    1. Gonzaga stuffed his head in a place where his head was open for buisness.
    2. Gonzaga failed to prevent Brown from striking with his free hand, which gave him the opening.
    3. Brown hammers down on Gonzaga with elbows that, while brutal, are reasonably legal up until the 4th and definitely the 5th. But Gonzaga is already going down. If hes already TKO'd from the "legal" elbows, the rest doesnt generally affect the outcome. Look up Fedor vs Henderson's finish for reference.
    In my opinion, in standing MMA, if you fail to defend properly, you deserve to get blasted. I know as a sport we need to evolve it and sanction certain rules to safeguard, especially with elbows 12-6. But standing up, pushing another man against the cage? You better protect that overhook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robster View Post
    big john on eb radio said the back of the head is only a 1 inch thick line from the crown to the back of the neck,

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