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Thread: 2014 Goals

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    2014 Goals

    Well 2013 came and went FAST. I guess time flies when you're having fun. We been with the 10thplanet system for a full year now and wow how much it has improved Cora's game in general. We didn't really have a game plan set up on how to go about studying the system. It was more like here and there. But for 2014, my goal is to stick with the MTS and the warm ups as close as I can. For the latter half of 2013, Cora's training was like a dog chasing after its tail. I think she would have a better grasp of the system if I would have a systematic approach to training her. I also found that I too have learned a lot from coaching her. So for 2014, we will stick closely with the MTS and warm ups and just try to polish all the things she already know. On top of that, we will drill more to build up her speed and explosiveness. We will not do as many tournaments as last year as I want to have more in between time to see some improvement 1st before proceeding to the next tournament. We also will be doing a lot more traveling outside of Texas looking for new competitions, so don't be surprise if you see Cora at your neck of the woods...


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