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    Ultimate Rubber Guard - BJJ Fanatics

    Hey guys,

    I have the Advance Rubber Guard book. I have the Fundamentals DVD by JM and Zach. Study MTS to get my 10P fix. All the good stuff. I go to as many seminars with 10P guys that I can at my nearest Moon, which is London, but every time I have been I have never done Rubber Guard. All my experience with that comes from online material or the books. I find the names and positions sometimes confusing, especially when trying to chain them together.

    I got Eddie's BJJ Fanatics release this week, The Ultimate Rubber Guard (42% discount code COMMUNITY2020, by the way) and the title doesn't lie. Not only is it very, very comprehensive. I would say it is the best way I have seen to get used to the 10P system positions and names. It's helped me make a lot more sense of what I see through MTS. I could literally feel the jigsaw pieces of knowledge come together in my brain! Haha! As soon as we're out of this lockdown and I can get back on the mats, I will be drilling this more with a lot better understanding.

    I know Eddie doesn't need me to plug this and that it will sell itself, but if you are distance learning like I am, it's without a doubt a good investment.

    Anyone else got it?

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