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    Builders Insurance MultiStorey Apartment

    Hi everyone,

    I'll get right to the point. I bought an off-plan apartment in Victoria in 2009. Moved in 2011.

    The building has 4 floors. 20-something apartments.

    Since that time, a number of owners have had problems with defects in their apartments, as well as in public areas. Some of them were fixed, but in December last year, the developer-Madden Projects Pty Ltd - was liquidated.

    The list of defects is growing every day and some of them are becoming more serious

    Now my question is, what would be the best course of action for the owners Corporation?

    VCAT? Sue the developer personally?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm personally going to break the floorboards, as water leaked in from the outside wall from my balcony, I assume that due to poor waterproofing and grout, there is a plumber, but he couldn't pinpoint it exactly. I really don't want the boards replaced if the problem can occur again at any time.



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