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    I've come to realize

    Perhaps it was just the way I started jiu jitsu (small boxing/mma gym with only no gi classes), but when I found 10PJJ it was a no f*@#in brainer. I thought for sure that the system was widely known and just shunned; which it is for sure lol. But as time has gone on I've realized just how blatantly ignorant to change and evolution most of the JJ community is.

    I train nogi as well as gi, but I've become astounded as I've realized how many people don't consider anything without the gi to be a valid way of practicing!

    I'm just grateful that I found the Tenth Planet the way I did. I'd rather be on the team with all of you fellow outcasts than another, any day of the week.

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    You'd be surprised how many people use pieces of 10p in their game and don't say where they've learned it. Now that I have started studying the system I recognize it.


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