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    10th Planet St Paul/Apple Valley

    Nate Kleinfeld Inverted Armbar Setups - Closed Guard and Butterfly Guard

    Nate Kleinfeld Inverted Armbar Setups - Closed Guard and Butterfly Guard.
    I've had a lot of success with these setups so I wanted to share them with you. Let me know what you think!

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    10th Planet Beaumont
    Well I got a few comments. Constructive criticism as always. . Also, I'm not opposed to playing devils advocate..

    1. Inverted arm bars are tough to pull off nogi... Very tough.
    2. These setup are nowhere near new, they are the basic ones you learn first.
    3. I'm just a blue belt, so I realize It appears I'm stepping past my rank here, but bro those hips gotta move before you angle/offbalance an equal-superior athlete.. Or just a big guy. Or a little guy with savvy butterfly defense.
    4. If you open your legs in full guard, without controlling posture (or more) and all you got is that gable on his bicept then your handing him free passes..
    5. Pinch his wrist with your neck and shoulder if you want any chance if finishing inverted armbars..
    6. I'm an asshole, Yes. Sorry I didn't say much nice. I'm sure I'll get bashed for criticizing a higher rank's technique, but oh well. Stone me to death. I really do mean this criticism constructively.

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    I can vouch for Nate hitting these attacks on high ranked opponents in competition using these exact set ups.
    Tim Gillette | Owner/Instructor
    Morning Star Jiu Jitsu - Denver

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    Next level combat 10th planet St Paul MN
    I'm not a little guy, and I don't consider myself easily swept from butterfly guard. Nate hits these on me religiously. It's nothing new, and neither is any technique anyone else posts here. Nate's game is really well executed fundamentals, nothing you probably didn't learn early on. He just does it really well. I could go on all day about how I think something shouldn't work, but if I see it working for someone repeatedly, I can't exactly say you're doing it wrong.

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