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    1st steps towards becoming a 10P savage! (Brief Intro)

    Hey Everybody!

    My name is James MacNeil and I'm from San Jose, CA. A few years ago I walked into a gym as the most out of shape un-athletic 26 yr old 330 lb blob that anyone at that gym had ever seen there. I started training and fell in love with MMA. So much so that I lost 80 lbs and started teaching a kids class with the intention of moving into higher levels of knowledge and education of the arts. Long story short, I left that gym due to politics and lost my full time job as a desk jockey shortly after. Flash forward to now, I'm now married w/ a 1 yr old daughter and I'm the equivalent of a PE Instructor at a middle school. At the moment I can't afford to train like I did before. Every now and then I will catch a drop in class at Caio Terra's Academy (mostly gi). From my MMA roots, No gi was where it was at for me as my coach was big on catch wrestling and never did any traditional gi work. I fell in love with the gi more recently as it feels like a completely different game. The moment I discovered 10P I was in infatuated with it! Everything looked so slick and the culture of 10P is right up my alley.

    Before I rant on any longer, I want to know where to start and what I should work on first. My flexibility leaves much to be desired, where to start here?. What would be the best thing to start with for learning material i.e. a specific book, membership to technique guides? Financially I can't afford a gym membership, so I'll probably have to do alot of solo drills. Any help, advice or stories about being a complete newbie and how you branched out with your skill would be awesome. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE MY 10P DREAMS COME TRUE! Thanks to everyone for their time!


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