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    10th Planet Chicago
    Chicago, IL

    Wanting to Get Back Into BJJ - Chicago, IL

    Hey everybody, I stumbled on to 10th planet through the Joe Rogan podcasts and have been interested in doing something again. I'm 31 now, and a network administrator, and sadly I don't move around as much as I would like to. I wrestled back in high school, and played around in a strip mall dojo for about a year or two down in Springfield a couple of years back. I'd love to compete in a tournament or a bunch in time.

    Thing is at least for me, it's been tough finding a school that doesn't seem super scammy. There's so many around here and they all claim to have top notch everything. Is 10p a good place to learn, get back in shape, and possibly compete? I feel like the mood hear on the boards is great, does that always translate to the people on the mat?


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