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    Progressive Fighting Academy - Canada

    Training at 10th Planet HQ

    Hello everyone,

    New to the forum and the system, but I have been obsessed lately with 10th Planet techniques. I train at an MMA gym in Alberta, Canada. Some of the guys I train with have been helpful and work with my on MTS videos and trying new techniqes, so I'm starting to get a grasp on things.

    Anyway, I took off the entire month of March to travel to LA and train at 10th Planet HQ with Eddie Bravo. As far as I can tell, HQ is located in the HQ Brand training centre (formally Tapout). Since there is no official website/schedule/contact method, I just had some questions that hopefully someone could answer. I know that you have to buy the pass on here via PayPal... which I am planning on doing. However, I e-mailed Eddie asking if he would be around in March to make sure he wasn't on vacation or teaching seminars elsewhere. I think the response I received was eother an automatic generated response or copy/paste info, which bassically stated the class times and that receipts should be e-mailed to Eddie.

    1. Are there usually posts on the forums or methods to know ahead of time if Eddie is taking time off training or will be away? Also,
    2. If he isnt at HQ for whatever reason, do his black belts and brown belts step in?
    3. Do I e-mail him the reciept for the pass right away, or on the day I first attend classes?
    4. Are there other classes to attend during the day which focus on the warm-ups etc. ?

    Really appreciate any input some of you may have, or knowledge from past experiences.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    10th Planet HQ, Gracie Academy HQ
    LA via Chicago
    I woulda told you to email him, but seems like you've already done so. I can't speak for the guy himself, but here's my stab at answering your questions based off my understandings/experience.

    1) Eddie usually doesn't take off on the weekdays. It'd be rare. You gotta understand the man loves what he does and embraces teaching.
    2) If he's not there, there will definitely be someone there who is extremely knowledgable. But again, it'd be rare that he's not there.
    3) Whenever, asap if possible.
    4) Fundamentals class. Usually run by his black belts.
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    Progressive Fighting Academy - Canada
    Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. This makes me a lot more confident in going ahead and purchasing a pass.

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