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    Coaches should be aware that this is super toxic behavior that will cost them students in this day and age... You don't deserve to be treated like a criminal for this and CAN probably find a place where you would be HAPPIER of you wanted. I could actually KIND OF see the argument for someone's first month or so. I mean, I'll show rubber guard to someone VERY new and I HAVE seen brand new people have some success with it. Its a completely dumb statement ,in my opinion, to make to someone who has more than 6 months of training. Let me guess, they have showed you more than "framing and basics"? They have showed you spider guard or leg lasso, loop chokes, things like that? Stuff that arguably will teach you less about framing than the rubber guard and is less basic as well as never, ever working in a fight?

    I have been at places like that. I was very, very miserably. Remember that you are the paying customer. Good luck buddy!

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    When you become proficient at it, it works. That's been proven at this point. Become proficient, start tapping everyone from it, and they cant say shiiiitt!!!
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    Spider guard - check. Loop chokes - check. Berimbolo - check.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy at my small club. My coaches are really good dudes. But where I get angry is when I'm told I'm not ready or wrong to be exploring something else especially when I put in solid time, keep quiet and attentive to the lessons that are being taught, and bring 10th planet in during my own rolls and on my own time. I've learned loads from watching MTS, applying, tweaking, applying, tweaking! I'll talk to my coach about this probably, just to clear the air a bit

    Also, like mentioned above, I'm not looking to do Jiu Jitsu in the search for only uber efficient top technique, or make space on bottom and start over with the go to techniques I've been working on. I mean to have fun and stimulate neurons and so working rubber guard from a tough position like New Jersey (I've already used meat hooks effectively and my leg pinch is much stronger because of it - I also set up the heisman as a bailout from here often) is really stimulating for me. I don't expect it will ever be more than stinkeye and coaches wanting to be coaches and coaching from what they know. I really appreciate the thoughtful responses here. They've been super helpful. I'll be working that rubber guard, with all its holes!

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