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    Allergy Question about ONNIT supplements

    Hey there everyone. I just had a severe allegeric reaction to something within the last week, and as I'm not covered on insurance for a few more weeks (of course), I'm looking at anything new in my environment to run down the cause.

    It was pretty horrifying for a few days. Started with my junk itching badly, then swelling twice it's size (if it didnt look so hideous, I'm sure I could repackage the culprit product and sell it to a lot of people. An allergy that makes your junk double in size? Tell me you wouldn't want it.) Well as it stands you don't want it at all.

    Now I also have a red bumpy rash on my hands, thighs, torso and neck. A few are splotchy and a few bigger bumps, but mostly tiny ones. I've been taking prednisone since yesterday and the swelling was dramatically reduced. But the rash has gotten worse. It doesn't look like ringworm or staph. The 10th Planet gym I work out at is very dilligent about disinfecting the mats after every class. It itches in places but not everywhere. Not shingles either, I've been thru that nightmare and supposedly it only happens once if you get it.

    So, I have it narrowed to a few things that are new to my environment in the last couple weeks:

    Just bought Irish Spring body wash a couple weeks ago. I did scrub extra hard when the itching began. A few days later the fun began. This is my first suspicion. I haven't used that brand in a long time, and then only a couple bottles, and I may not have noticed a minor rash at the time. This one got pretty far along before I realized anything was going on.

    I also recently began taking Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport and New Mood. I take Alpha every day, and New Mood almost every night, and Shroom Tech only before rolling. I realize that different people react differently to stuff, but I was just curious if anyone has had any type of adverse reaction to any of those products, even minor ones? I'm really hoping it's not one of those, as I spent $200 to stock up since I noticed a definite boost esp. after taking Alpha Brain.

    Wish my first post was happier, like just saying how much I love 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu! If anyone can provide any insight I'd really appreciate it. I'm afraid to go roll again until I get this handled and I'm just at the point where I'm becoming obsessed w JJ and my attendance becoming more regular. It really blows.

    Thanks for reading and hope someone has a knowledge nugget they can drop.

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    Someone get this guy some penicillin

    (go to a doctor...)

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    I'd be weary of any legit physician who would give you advice based on an internet forum medical history. Go see a dermatologist, drop the $200 on the non-insurance copay give or take for an office visit, get professional treatment.
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    Have you recently invested in any gas station boner pills?

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    yeah, food allergy is not the best thing you may face in your life

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    It's true. I feel like a lot of people have allergies and don't know how to get diagnosed correctly

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    Yeah. I agree. I myself am one of those people. I recently found out that I am allergic to gluten. It's been quite a shock especially since I love Italian cuisine and the thought of not eating pasta anymore is heartbreaking. I have been suffering from this gluten allergy for a while though. I just didn't know it. I had these weird symptoms that I couldn't explain like bloating and random bouts of IBS syndrome. I have been at my doctors' and he was clueless. e would give e medication without looking for the underline cause. I went to a gastroenterologist who suspected that it might be a gluten allergy after all my other tests came back clean. He sent me to a lab to get tested. (I used this private lab here: A week later I knew I was allergic to gluten. It has been an adjustment since then but I am working on it.


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