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    Eddie: Travis Browne and Derrick Lewis fight was staged (fake)

    UFC FIGHT NIGHT HALIFAX - Browne vs Lewis.....

    I have studied this 8 minute long fight... because I noticed something in the end replay which led me to trace backwards.... with the recent 3 million payout for Ronda Rousey for her terrible performance and new owners of the establishments who's primary focus is revenue, stability and entertainment.. This took 10 minutes to do.

    [GALLERY=media, 25887]Brownelewis by IKnowEverything posted Feb 21, 2017 at 12:10 PM[/GALLERY]

    watch it for yourself at 2:35:10

    No shots landed or landed well. I believe this fight was staged by both parties.. inclusive of the commentator who failed to spot in a slow motion replay that the punch that dropped Travis in the second round did not connect.... amongst the lack of effort by both parties to ever throw anything at 100% commitment or even be able to hit another fighter who is slow, flat footed and directly in front of them reaks of suspicion.

    In the 2nd round, at 1:58 remaining...we have a right hand thrown by Derrick Lewis which misses Travis Browne completely. Watch the slow motion replay and you will see light between the glove of Lewis and the head of Browne. The trajectory doesn't even make his head. Yet the commentator announces "But here.. comes over the top and catches him right on the crown with that right hand"... Derrick Lewis' right was nowhere near the crown of Browne's head.

    Here is every kick and punch thrown and how they land. The fight was watched at a speed of .25x on a 4k screen with a 2056 resolution.

    4:58 Lewis - Chest right hand thrown, no connect
    4:43 Browne - Kick to Lewis thigh. Connect with foot (audible)
    4:35 Browne - Front kick - connects with hand of Lewis
    4:29 Browne - Flamboyant dance - no intimidation points
    4:16 Lewis - Round kick - connects with blocked attempt chest height
    4:10 Browne - Right hand - no connect
    3:58 Lewis - Round kick - misses entirely
    3:51 Lewis - 60% intensity Kick to thigh - lands
    3:42 Browne - Front kick - doesn't land
    3:40 Lewis - Right hand towards head of Browne - no connect
    3:38 Browne - Front kick to body - hits Lewis' elbow
    Lewis clutches stomach but not over kick - story about needing to go to the toilet mentioned after but any athlete knows this is probably untrue as food is minimised leading to the fight and fluid intake is higher. Not impossible but extremely unlikely as this is not Lewis' first time in the UFC or MMA.
    3:32 Browne - Round kick... misses
    3:27 Browne - Left hand - no connect
    3:23 Browne - Front kick - minimal connection with Lewis' forearm
    3:11 Browne - kick to lower leg of Lewis 60% intensity
    3:08 Browne - Front kick - misses
    3:02 Lewis - Font kick - checked by Browne with hands
    2:58 Browne - Round kick to body - misses
    2:54 Browne - Leg kick to lower leg of Lewis - connects
    2:36 Lewis - Wheel Kick - Doesn't connect
    2:28 Lewis - Left high kick - checked by Browne
    2:23 Browne - High kick to Lewis' shoulder - hits Lewis' arm
    2:18 Browne - leg kick that fails to connect due to stopping early to defend Derrick's right
    2:18 Lewis - Right hand checked with an arm raise block
    Travis falls at this point , stumbles
    2:16 Lewis - punch to head of Browne - misses
    2:14 Lewis - downward strike with right that misses head
    2:07 Browne - front kick checked by Lewis
    2:06 Lewis - right hand over top of Browne's head - no connect
    2:04 Lewis - Upper cut that seems to connect with beard of Browne
    2:01 Lewis - right hand to chest of Browne
    2:00 Browne - some kind of hand swipe that misses
    1:59 Browne - body shot to kidney whilst Lewis runs away
    1:55 Browne - punch thrown at what seems like 50% intensity to Lewis face - connects
    1:40 Lewis - Laziest knee shot thrown in UFC history
    1:36 Browne - front kick checked by Lewis
    1:30 Browne - kick to thigh of Lewis - lands but not wholly
    1:23 Browne - round kick to body checked by Lewis
    1:13 Browne - cat style hand throw - misses but hits fly between them both - Browne distracted
    1:10 Browne - kick to thigh - lands
    1:02 Browne - Right hand thrown - misses
    0:58 Browne - front kick checked by Lewis
    0:55 Browne - front kick checked by Lewis
    0:36 Browne - kick to thigh of Lewis - lands
    0:34 Lewis - Kick to thigh of Browne - lands but not very hard
    0:31 Browne - front kick - misses
    0:25 Lewis - Right hand - Browne moves head like Ed Traverdian says and punch misses
    0:22 Browne - Left hand thrown misses
    0:20 Browne - Left kick to Lewis thigh - lands
    0:11 Lewis - Wheel kick - doesnt land
    0:08 Browne - Front kick - misses
    0:06 Lewis - right hand that travels under Browne's ducked head
    0:04 Lewis - right hand that lands on Browne's shoulder
    0:03 Lewis - left that doesnt seem to connect much or make much impact
    0:01 Lewis - right hand - misses
    0:00 Browne - smiles and walks away appearing fresher than he was when he started the fight.

    ROUND 2

    4:46 Browne - front kick misses
    4:38 Browne - kick to thigh - lands
    4:35 Lewis - right hand - hits Browne's glove
    4:25 Browne - superman punch - misses
    4:23 Browne - kick to body (stomach) toes connect
    4:01 Browne - high kick - checked
    4:01 Lewis - upper cut - misses
    4:00 Lewis - right hand hook - misses
    3:59 Lewis - left hand - grazes off Browne's forearm
    3:59 Lewis - right hand to head - misses due to Travis dropping down to try and takedown
    3:58 Lewis - blocks takedown and answers with right hand - right hand grazes off Browne's arm
    3:57 Lewis - left hand - connects with Browne's cover up
    3:57 Lewis - right hand - hits Browne's hand
    3:56 Lewis - right hand - connects with Browne's cover up
    3:56 Lewis - right hand - connects with Browne's shoulder
    3:55 Lewis - left hand - hits Browne's forearm
    3:55 Lewis - right hand - misses
    3:53 Lewis - right hand - hits Browne's cover up
    3:53 Lewis - left hand - misses
    3:52 Lewis - right hand - hits side of Browne's head and shoulder
    3:51 Lewis - left hands - lands on Browne's cover up
    3:50 Lewis - uppercut - actually misses and is on outside of Browne's elbows although hard to see. pause the fight here as many times as it takes to see this.
    COMMENTARY - Browne is hurt.... by WHAT?
    3:48 Lewis - beautiful right hand - still lands on Browne's forearm and some of his beard
    3:46 Lewis - first credible uppcerut - Browne covered up however... doesn't move Browne
    3:46 Lewis - left hand - forearms collide but head also touched
    3:44 Lewis - second uppercut grazes face of Browne
    3:44 Lewis - hits arm of Browne
    COMMENTARY AT 3:41 "You name it... it has landed..." Umm... no it hasn't
    3:34 Lewis - Uppcut hits Browne's armpit
    3:33 Lewis - left hand - misses
    3:33 Lewis - right hand - hits Browne's elbow
    3:32 Lewis - right hand to shoulder of Browne
    3:31 Lewis - left hand - hits Browne's forearm
    3:31 Lewis - uppercut that travels between Browne's face and arm
    3:30 Lewis - Left hand - connects with shoulder/arm and knocks into head
    3:28 Browne - left kick - misses
    3:25 Lewis - Right hand - hits Browne's arm as he moves left
    3:11 Browne attempts a rousey takedown that she showed him in the bedroom but Lewis now on top on ground
    3:07 Lewis throws punch but misses
    3:01 Lewis - forearm strike - misses
    3:00 Lewis - forearm strike - connnects but much lighter than forearm at 3.01
    2:26 Lewis - forearm strike - 10% intensity
    2:25 Lewis - forearm (strike?) simply placed on Browne's face/cheek
    2:17 Lewis - two strikes that do not make much of an impact
    2:15 Lewis - ground strike defended by Browne
    2:00 Browne - front kick - misses
    1:58 Lewis - throws right - misses
    BROWNE FALLS as if he has been punched as there is no way he is tired at this point ranked number 9 in the UFC and best shape of his life.
    1:53 Lewis - right hand thrown - misses
    1:53 Lewis - left hand connects - 50% intensity
    1:52 Lewis - right hand - misses
    1:51 Lewis - right hand - connects
    1:50 Lewis - two right hands to the chin that connect but not the hardest shots in the world....

    Granted in the sport of MMA, one cannot have no damage even if losing a fight and in this case, to stage something one would need to take some shots but it isn't gonna hospitalise Browne or need any serious care.

    I have never seen a fight as bad as this one in all aspects... poorly acted. Soccer players do the same and dive despite there being super slow motion available nowadays so one cannot get away from things just like Josh Koscheck tried to with Paul Daley after faking the eye poke that never happened and the knee to the face that never happened and missed entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Herzog View Post
    My thoughts exactly Zog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Steinmetz View Post
    Forgive my ignorance, but what does smh mean?

    Shake my head

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    I feel sorry for you, to have watched this fight at 25% speed, who does that? Any fight would look weird slowed down to that speed. When you watch it in normal speed what you're seeing are two guys legitimately throwing down, neither are accomplished polished strikers adept at fighting in range. So naturally they don't want to be in range because they have not learnt how to be defensive from an offensive position. They don't have the footwork to manoeuvre in and out effectively which is why you're seeing so many strikes fall short, also bare in mind that one good shot lands and it's the beginning of the end and that should answer the question as to why they are set so far apart. It has nothing to do with fight fixing believe me. It's sad that either of these two can be regarded as top ten in the world, with their skill set they would barely be pro level in the flyweight to middleweight divisions.

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    I admire your motivation and hard work toward something you felt passionate about. Weather or not I agree with your conclusions, you put a lot of work into that, and I am glad to disagree without insulting you. Keep thinking for yourself!

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    Its good that someone out there is spending so much time to bring this to light.


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