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    Functional workouts for the sport

    Hello everyone,

    I was a competitive powerlifter for years and came up with some incredibly unique workouts that really took me above and beyond most of my competitors. However I stopped lifting 2 years ago and finally started being very active again. I no longer desire to be a powerlifter and have been training at a 10th planet for a couple months now. I love competition and want to have any edge possible.

    So I want to ask everyone, What are some of the unique workouts you do that helps your jiu-jitsu. Im looking for a good combination of cardio workouts as well as strength building.

    I have some unique idea's that I want to see if I can benefit from however I would love any advice on workouts from more experienced guys. Nothing beats experience because you learn what is works and is functional for the sport.

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    I would say for people transitioning from lifting to jiujitsu---first thing is spend more time on the mats than in the gym. That will be the most important and probably most fun. Good supplements that I do to training is kettle bell work and yoga. I try to get 3-5 sessions a week and do my best to get in on the mats about the same
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    strength is important but you've likely got plenty of that. I'd say stop with the weights and start doing Yoga. I bet your strength is much better developed than your flexibility. Balance, flexibility, even grace... that's what I would suggest you train.

    If you insist on strength training, Plyometrics would be good....
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    My recommendation would echo the above. Don't get stuck on using your strength at your level (assuming white belt from your avatar). What you need at this level is cardio, flexibility and most importantly technique.

    Adding strength to good technique is an edge. Adding strength to bad technique will only help to hinder your technical growth.

    You're also very likely to injure yourself with that mentality. Don't ever use over 90% of your strength. BJJ is too unpredictable. If you exert a muscle to 100% it is going to be extremely tight and vulnerable to injury if and when an unpredictable opponent changes their angles.

    Your strength will be an advantage to you later on, but for now it really is going to be a hindrance if you let it be. We all know the guy in the gym who's technical growth plateau'd after they found a couple moves they could force through strength.
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