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    Loans.... Yes or no?

    Thinking of getting a loan. Should I do it? And if yes where to find the info?

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    I would not suggest it. I had a lot of problems with loans in the past.

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    I don't know. If you need money loans are a good way to get them.

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    Of course, can recommend a service, which offers you much much more information than you think. I also have some personal loans im my credit history. Try to use usave. This website gives you opportunity to compare all current offers from top UK companies in this sphere. Here you will find a lot of guides about personal long and short term loans, student, holiday or wedding credits. you may get info about how where and why you should get it. It really helped me. They are professional guys, on their site there are many positive reviews. Try to check it.

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    It is really helpful in some situations

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsSandman View Post
    Thinking of getting a loan. Should I do it? And if yes where to find the info?
    its dumb to take out a loan for no reason, but for a house or a car, yeah you pretty much have to. there's different companies that specialize in different types, so...yeah, all depends on what you're planning on doing.

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    With a recession coming, loan rates and small business support is high. Any business loans and banks are a good start. Make sure to do a market research to present. Good Luck


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