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    Rubber Guard question (Omoplata)

    Ive been rolling regularly with this new guy at the gym; 90kg purple belt Russian wrestler; so i get into mission control often,clear the neck and get him in invisible collar for a while; once i try to go to Gogo clinch or hazelets he just tucks his shoulders and chin and i always find myself forced to go to Jiu Claw as a last resort; i know the Omoplata does not have a crazy high success rate and needs time to master; but wondering if anyone has any tips on controlling bigger guys and finishing on them.

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    I had this same problem a while back, I'd get to Jiu Claw and the bigger guys would almost always just grab the inside of their leg and posture up, or immediately roll before I can establish some kind of control. If they posture up to defend being flattened out, I tend to roll back underneath to a Triangle and if they roll I'll let them roll and then backstep into a Triangle from Mount

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