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    I forgot to mention I live in Fairfax VA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Maslany View Post
    one of my brown belts chris hendrick will be moving to virginia real soon, check him on fb and he run 10p woodbridge nj right now till he moves.
    Thanks Zach, I reached out to Chris...hopefully he responds. Was he planning on opening a Moon in this area?

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    Unfortunately, it appears Chris does not answer PMs on his Facebook. Ofcourse, he has no idea who I am, so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derrick Dombkowski View Post
    My name is Derrick, I would like to find people in the Northern Virginia area that want to learn and practice 10th planet techniques. I have experience with nogi. I have Eddie's books, plus the extreme wealth of information that is available to us through this website! I have mats (a 10x10 area). Message me and we can set up a time, hopefully get something continuous going! Thanks!
    Derrick, sent you a PM. Let me know if you are interested in getting together....and anyone else in NoVA.

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