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    Is it worth learning youtube 10th planet moves if your gym is traditional

    In a no gi gym. Eddies concepts are insane but doing exotic moves from utube usually doesnt work.

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    Yes. Absolutely worth it and possible to learn from youtube videos. If it wasn't, the majority of jiu jitsu practitioners of ALL levels wouldn't be as good as they are or know as much. Believe me, nearly EVERYONE is studying video whether it be youtube, dvd or video of a seminar that someone personally filmed. All athletes watch video film to improve their game.

    Just take your time, choose a good instructor to watch and listen to. Pick one move to really study or one particular area. Watch every little thing you can about what the instructor is doing. Watch, take notes and watch it again. Go try the move and then go back and watch the video again to see what mistakes, if any, you are making. You will progress.

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    Pleasure reading that comment mr. Erlliott , words of comfort and inspiration. Thank you
    We live on a bowl.

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    10th Planet Boulder

    I wouldn't say insane

    Quote Originally Posted by SHAOLINMONK View Post
    In a no gi gym. Eddies concepts are insane but doing exotic moves from utube usually doesnt work.
    I don't think Eddie's concepts are insane, but they are definitely creative! I have been training for about 13 months. I did 1 rubber guard hour private lesson and been to maybe 5 classes that included any part of rubber guard. I have watched lots of the videos on it and I am always trying to get into mission control in live rolling.

    However, I have visited 4 other gyms where I have been able to get into rubber guard at least once each time. Mostly just got into mission control and zombied then gave it up as I struggle to get elsewhere. Recently I got to invisible collar on a blackbelt at a gym I was visiting. I didn't attempt to finish from there as I am not knowledgeable in the position or know the other paths from there so I just gave up the position after a few seconds. However, it felt awesome to my ego haha and it has me even more excited about the rubber guard.

    One other note, that same black belt instructor(a non- 10th planet gym) taught the class an entry to the truck, the vaporizer and crotch ripper submissions which I thought was so cool of him and shows that there are other gyms out there watching the videos and appreciating the 10P system.

    I also loved what Scott had to say in response. Happy training brother

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    The earlier you learn the rubber guard the better. You will have all kinds of holes in your game as a white and blue belt, no way around that. Having a dangerous rubber guard while you fill those holes is valuable because you can play bottom game on everyone, but you can’t play top game on everyone
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