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    Insert yo mamma joke here

    The law of attraction is bullshit!...fate is really and many don't like that

    At a certain point in life I stopped sleeping, I hated the dreams hated them, id get a dream it would come to pass and it was someone being a dick to me or trying to kill me or something funky like that(rarely me getting cash or laid...) then LSD was a who new world in the realm of fate, and I saw everything that would happen if it all went right, I have showed up to my own death more times then I can count, I have shown up to times where it was supposed to go my way and the person chose to not validate their part of the trip, and I saw the consequences of their choices note I made no phone calls or assaults, the shit came down like bam...

    I have shown up to so many things where its like how the fuck are you here, some person need my help and I just showed up in the middle of no where at the exact time to save them and I some how brought all I needed to save their ass. Real shit brah...

    I hear from all these ditzed out hippies manifestation and shit or you did magic and I did this a fuc,ed up because of you... Fuck no brah, in my extensive referring research the unconscious mind knows it all, you know you put shit in your bag and end up needing it with no prior knowledge of the events... People all I manifested this horror show I'm like no buddy your unconscious mind was trying to prepare you, sometimes in the freewill option to fucking ruin a life we choose wrong and the subconscious was trying to make it a conscious thought to keep you away from trauma... But human nature is to go for what they want and a want is not a need and wants offten get us in trouble...

    An incident... This braddah I know who was training for MMA in Hawaii it was a legit fight circuit in Hawaii like yo pay 50$ and watch the fights... He had a dream and I know he had the dream because I had the dream knew he was going to win by submission rear naked choke or something like that.. He knew it to the trained eye you could see him just trying to fulfill that dream going for it all he could to get behind and get that rear choke on him... Boom and he got it and the guy tapped win...

    Once I opened a door to a friend with a knife, going for the swipe(it was a butter knife) he wanted to see if I was just talking shit or real/ showing his care in his way I love that dude... Anyway I had no idea I opened the door and reacted to the attack did my shit and was all if I want to be nice its like this if I want to be rugged its like this and it was good... He use to wake me up with a death blow attempt and then be all I made a extra tray of Croissant or macaroon... I told him id get him back one day, he is a master talking master chef pātissier master, so he woke up early as fuck, one day I put on my all black and I stepped into a shadow out the house and I just evaporated out of the dark nothing and tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped and was puton what is this shit hahahahaha and I laughed and it was fun.. That dude is awesome! Showed me Sepultura...

    Fate has to be real, but so is the person choice, but like I said before if you decide to not come through on your half and the person was supposed to leave with what you didn't give up you will lose even more or it all.

    Eddie showed up to up to japanese jiu jitsu, then was directed to the brazilian jiu jitsu, sometimes it just comes through... Think of all the Technics he innovated... How many do you think he saw in a dream? Or a trip vision...

    Stop trying to control everything and just let it flow... The last thing I have to drop here.


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