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    And by the way, ex-gays are not people who are "repressing feelings" like you pretend they are.

    Many of them are people who lived as gay their entire lives before figuring out that they are deceived sex addicts, and are now living completely straight lives, many with families.

    Pretending they are all liars is SHIT rhetoric and you should feel bad for using such a LIE so subtly and flagrantly. That's absolutely PATHETIC and BIGOTTED of you.

    Ex-gays exist and PROVE that "born this way" is a lie. As soon as "born this way" is proved to be a lie, all acceptance for them falls apart. It is inherently anti-humanity to support homosexuality. There is no logical reason to support them, just like there is no logical reason to support crackheads.

    You live a lie, and the gloves are off now. If you don't respond in context, you are a coward and I won't respond to you. I caught you in multiple LIES now, and I'm sick of you.

    Your position falls apart when you factor in the propaganda. You can't pretend it's a non-issue, it's a very serious and real issue and needs to stop, and that's my purpose.
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    My experiment clearly shows that the earth cannot be orbiting the Sun. Do the experiment yourself.
    What significance does parallax information about a star have to us orbiting the Sun? You're going to have to clarify, because it seems as if you're using another irrelevant question again that is baseless, just like you have over and over again as I've shown. Explain your position, or provide an example, as I did.

    You can't refute my examples, so you keep asking irrelevant questions. I'm sick of you, respond in context or don't waste your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInfamousXMann View Post
    Hello SebG,

    I see you have taken the weak rhetoric, immediately dismissive route rather than the much better and intelligent debate/dialogue route. That's fine, this is what happens when someone is met with a ton of facts they can't handle, so they spring on the easiest to attack to make themselves feel better about living a lie. I encouter this rhetoric every day, but I always make sure to make the person using it, is aware of how weak their dismissive 0 rebuttal rhetoric is and how it only shows that you are afraid of the information. Assuming you've read everything else (since this quote is from the end of the posts), is this all you could find a way to dismiss immediately, hoping that others who don't read the posts would also be inclined to dismiss it?

    I know how to handle this extremely weak rhetoric, and that is just to prove that what you believe is a lie.

    It's very simple to prove that Heliocentricity is false, and that is by showing a very simple demonstration:

    Take an orange, put it on a table. Take an apple, and with your fingernail make a mark on where you would think your location on that apple is, for example California.

    Set that apple at any point in the orbit around the orange, and your fingernail mark is facing the orange. This is high noon on whatever date you have chosen as per the location. There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day. That means it takes 365 days to orbit around the Sun, and it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate 360 degrees on its axis. Ok, now move the apple 180-190 days away from the Sun, but keep the way the planet is facing the exact same because we are going to be using Noon, the position of your fingernail mark as proof that we don't go around the Sun.

    You will notice that your fingernail mark is now facing away from the Sun.

    Congratulations, you have proved that Heliocentricity is impossible.

    I await your accurate and in-context rebuttal to this simple proof that you live a lie. Thank you for your interest. Sorry about your weak rhetoric.
    I dont want to be a dick and laugh at this experiment, but bro, its laugh worthy, that this assertion and the experiment you suggested disproves that the earth revolves around the sun. You may jitsu, but you dont physics.

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    I can't wait for your explanation why instead of dismissive, nervous laughter

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    Guys and girls, I don't want to inflame anything further but there is no way this is a serious set of posts.

    The OP doesn't need us, is not interested in a debate or a discussion, has all of the answers even illogical ones and posts walls of text. There could be various reasons for that. Also, seems uninterested in BJJ.

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    I'm sitting pretty on physical proof of Jesus Christ's resurrection, while you guys are telling me you can't look at an apple around an orange and make sense of it, and the extent of your rhetoric is to rally help to mass dismiss my positions? Hahahaha, go away troll.

    You've never actually refuted a single thing I've said, but asked irrelevant questions which do not respond in context with anything I said.

    You've also abandoned positions on homosexuality after being refuted heavily.

    Give me a break

    Anyone who actually reads this conversation can tell that you have been refuted and crushed over and over again.
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    You can support whatever you want, it doesn't make you right for doing it though. You didn't even know ex-gays and ex-trans people existed before this topic, that's how brainwashed you are.

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    You didn't care that you were brainwashed? Nice, thanks for exposing your lack of integrity. You can leave now. I can't argue with someone intellectually dishonest who does not realize the impact of the lies he believes. Pathetic, shoo troll.

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    Continue on that train of logic and you will realize that by saying "I don't care that ex-gays or ex-trans exist" also means that "I don't care that I was brainwashed to think that men can turn into women and that gays don't have a choice". You're stupid, right? Or a shill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Watkins View Post
    This guy seems way too big on condemnation to be a Christian, but I guess he is just trying to be like his God. Remember kids, if God himself was not able to render human nature sinless, what right had he to punish them for not being sinless?
    Jon, that is an interesting question. Not one that I necessarily agree with but certainly worthy of rational debate. I hope you don't hold it against me that my ugly mug is not posted yet...

    The OP of this thread already knows everything and is not interested in a discussion. Could be a troll, could be an extremist, or there could be another reason.

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